Declared a Historic Site, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Cadiz and only 15 minutes from our campsite, Vejer de la Frontera sits on a beautiful hill with the Barbate River at its feet..

If you decide to visit this town full of charm and history, you will discover its essence by strolling through its streets, its legends, its gastronomy and its surroundings. Even so, we tell you what you can’t miss when you visit the wonderful town of Vejer.

Also known as the Plaza de los Pescaítos, the Plaza de España is the centre of life in the town.

As well as a good atmosphere, you’ll find plenty of options for eating out in the bars and restaurants that surround the charming 20th century Sevillian tiled fountain in the center. You can also get the best panoramic views from the Casa del Califa.


Further exploration of the town will take you through steep alleyways and Nasrid courtyards that still reflect a Moorish legacy in their architecture and will take you back in time. Get a glimpse of local history by visiting the old town surrounded by a well-preserved medieval wall. There you will find gems such as the Castle, the church of La Merced de Santa Catalina or the Church of El Divino Salvador, a symbol of the town and an essential stop. The Museum of History and Archaeology, located in the Palace of the Marquis of Tamarón, will satisfy your curiosity with 13 rooms that reflect the historical evolution of the town.

Vejer is full of charming corners such as the Callejón Lomo en Manteca, a small alley that honors one of the best known local delicacies and which you can savor in the Calle de la Corredera, a famous street full of restaurants and charming little shops. In the Plaza de la Paz you’ll find a perfect place to have a drink and rest while you admire the endless colorful flower pots that cover the facades of the buildings.

When the walk awakens your hunger, don’t miss the incredible gastronomy of Vejer and the most original shops in town, passing through the San Francisco Market. This is a gastronomic market where you can enjoy an Andalusian atmosphere while tasting typical local products and dishes. You won’t find more authenticity and friendly service than in a typical market.

Contrary to what it may seem, only 9 km away, you will find the Atlantic Ocean, specifically the beach of El Palmar. One of the most famous beaches on the coast of Cadiz and a surfer’s paradise. You can end your visit to Vejer de la Frontera with one of the most beautiful sunsets in Cadiz.


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