Fancy tasting one of the most prized seafood products in a beautiful setting?

Conil, together with Tarifa, Zahara de los Atunes and Barbate, hosts this gastronomic route that will make you discover places where you will lick your fingers and learn about a trade as traditional and historical as tuna.

The unique thing about the product on this route is the peculiar way in which it is caught: Almadraba is a technique that has been used in this area since pre-Roman times, taking advantage of the tuna’s passage from the northern waters to the warmth of the Mediterranean. Nowadays, are only used in the villages that form part of this route.


From May to June, several towns in Cádiz are increasingly welcoming people during the festival called “La ruta del atún”, where one can enjoy music concerts, dance and theatrical performances, among others. However, the undisputed star of the festival is tuna. There is a healthy competition between local bars and restaurants such as Taberna La Chanca or Cooking Alamadraba, who make culinary masterpieces of tuna to compete for the prize for the best innovative dish, or the best traditional dish. In addition to the tapas competition, there are many cooking programmes and chef demonstrations showing different ways of cooking tuna. Raw, grilled, stewed or in carpaccio, try it in every imaginable way and delight your palate.

In Conil, the tuna route has been held for more than twenty editions and is one of the essential events on the town’s tourist and gastronomic calendar, and of great historical importance. If you are a lover of fish and good quality food and tapas, discover Cadiz and its beautiful landscapes enjoying the route of the best tuna in the world, you will not be disappointed.

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